Girls Bunk Bed

Bunker beds are novel concept as a space saver plus it adds to the excitement for the child to sleep on a five feet height. It has many modes like a pull out double bed below or a two level bed, it can also be a wonderful concept of a bed on top and a study table with a wardrobe below in case of a single child using it. Bunk beds can be made keeping 4 children sleeping together too. The steps alongside can be made into drawers and in case of less space , a ladder can be provided. It can also have a slide on either side to add to the fun of it. Additional storage is given in the below bed to keep bedsheets , quilts, toys , books etc. There is a provision of a book shelf between the beds to keep accesories like cell phones, story books etc. Families also attach a light and fan below for the child to be extra comfortable.

Bunk beds can be made into any theme like castle , cars or princesses.